MagnaVision was started by a team of veteran technology and health sciences pioneers who wanted a world class, mobile, economical and secure method of delivering professional services across the globe. Our technology impacts almost every industry imaginable ranging from health sciences to sales to education to real-estate. In a time of global fiscal restraint, our unique pricing model and technology make it possible for developmentally disadvantaged people in remote northern Canadian towns to receive life enhancing Occupational Therapy Services from experts a thousand kilometers away. It allows students in the UK to participate in virtual school exchanges with students in India. It allows realtors in New York to interactively show properties to buyers in Hong Kong. It allows ambulance paramedics in Australia to provide life saving images of patients to emergency room personnel so the proper staff can be prepped and ready upon arrival. Thank you for your support.

MagnaVision advanced technology automatically monitors your available bandwidth and dynamically adjusts the video resolution and frame rate for optimal video quality at all times. Unlike other "one size fits all" videoconferencing systems, MagnaVision optimizes the telepresence experience for your own unique bandwidth environment.